2 thoughts on “How the Taliban Turn Captured Weapons Into Propaganda

  1. Excellent piece my friend. You totally get it right. Night vision equipment requires extensive training and loads of time to be utilized well. US forces, primarily special operations forces, use night vision well because they train with it all the time. I can attest that we didn’t use it that much in Iraq, as Marine ground combat forces, because we hadn’t trained with it enough and using white light was more effective and easier for us.

    The effect though, like you state, on the Afghan army and police is very effective. Thinking that you can be seen by the enemy but can’t see them yourself is so horrifying that it would cause panic or paralysis. And as you note as well the Taliban have expertly used propaganda and messaging throughout the war (which is an extension of how well the mujahadin did so in the Soviet War – I’m thinking particularly of the night letters that would be posted in the cities).

    Well done Rupert!


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