Quoted in TRT World about Pakistan, Saudi Arabia & Kashmir

I’m quoted in this story about Pakistan’s tensions with Saudi Arabia over Kashmir in TRT World today:

“β€œIt’s certainly possible that Pakistan will participate in a meeting about Kashmir outside of the OIC framework,” says Rupert Stone, a Middle East analyst, adding that a forum of Muslim leaders that met in Malaysia last year can be an option…The Kuala Lumpur summit seemingly pressured the OIC into taking a more proactive stance on Kashmir, showing it is a useful mechanism for raising the issue,” says Stone.”

No, China Is Not Driving India out of Iran

The investment and security deal currently being negotiated between Beijing and Tehran has provoked fears in the Indian media that China is trying to drive India out of Iran. But, in this essay for The National Interest, I argue that India’s Iranian investments are failing due to US sanctions, not Chinese expansionism.