Newsweek Story on Science and Torture

My Newsweek feature, “Science Shows that Torture Doesn’t Work…”, is just up online. The piece revolves around new work in neuroscience and psychology which shows that torture harms the brain and mind, impairing the ability to recall information and provide useful intelligence in an interrogation. The story can be accessed here.

2 thoughts on “Newsweek Story on Science and Torture

  1. Thanks Rupert. Excellent article. I think I’ve told you I went through SERE in 2000. I wasn’t waterboarded, but I saw guys who were. They were anything but lucid for a few days after their waterboarding, and these were professional military officers who knew they were in training and were only waterboarded once. They would have been useless for any useful information that interrogators were seeking.

    As for the other “enhanced interrogation techniques” I was subjected to a number of them while in the SERE POW camp and, 16 years later, I have to agree they were ineffective in achieving the purpose of getting useful information. One exception…the interrogator who was “nice” to everyone. That guy got everyone of us to divulge information or make a mistake. Just as your article states and as the experts document, building rapport works. That is what we were taught by the US military in our professional training and that is what has been known to work for a very long time. The most chilling moment in SERE training came from an instructor who had been a POW in North Vietnam. He said the only interrogator the American POWs were afraid of was the one who was nice to them…

    Keep up your good and necessary work Rupert. Peace brother.



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